Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Is a Traditional Website Obsolete in a Web 2.0 World?

Considering the way people use the Web today, every small business owner should be asking themselves whether their traditional Web site should be the cornerstone of their Web presence. Several social media leaders today advocate dropping the traditional Web site model in favor of a blog. The thought behind the advice stems from the fact that most small business Web sites are little more than glorified business cards. Moreover, those Web sites are rarely visited.

Even as a marketing tool, traditional Web sites fall short. As a business owner, you have to ask how much value that actually delivers for your particular product or services. Especially as a service provider, a blog can help establish you as a trusted professional. For instance, a small doctor’s office can attract clients by writing posts about health topics, such as nutrition and exercise. That sort of credibility can grow into a new client-base. Of course, the same model can be applied across any industry.

Have you had any success with blogs or Facebook discussions that you have not seen on a Web page?

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  1. Moeed - Thanks for following me on Facebook. I recently did a video post on this and how websites of today need to be thought of as "Welcome Mats" While the blog should be a central piece of today's website, it shouldn't be the only piece.

    It's not about blog vs. webpage, but how well are you telling your story, then how well are you engaging in dialogue about what you are most passionate about, then how you are able to parlay that engagement into positive financial outcomes.

    So yo answer your question, the way we did things five years ago in terms of a website, yes - that's obsolete.